Heritage Site Development current/recent projects.


Project Spotlight 1:

Mayfair Residential/ Industrial:

Client:  Brookfield Homes

Location:  Purcellville, VA



Heritage Site Development, Inc. is performing total site development of a 66 acre site in the Town of Purcellville, VA for Brookfield Homes.  The project serves 109 single family detached and 151 townhouse residential lots.  The project also includes an industrial component that builds 12 industrial parcels.

A dynamic project in a fast growing portion of Loudoun County, Mayfair represents numerous site work challenges.  Flat terrain has forced minimal grades for earth work operations and tight tolerances for utility pipe work.  Light weight and high plasticity soils have mandated careful planning of an earth work strategy.  The project site is bounded by an existing industrial site, high school campus and residential properties.  Heritage Site Development, Inc. is working closely with Loudoun County and Town of Purcellville officials to ensure that the project moves forward smoothly.  Additional challenges are the coordination and installation of offsite improvements including water main, sanitary and storm sewer, and approximately 1756 LF of roadway improvements on Purcellville Road (RTE 611).


Project Snapshot:

  • Clearing:  14 acres
  • Mass Earth Work:  203,000 CY
  • Sanitary Sewer:  17,694 LF
  • Storm Sewer:  17,710 LF
  • Water Main: 12,956 LF
  • Concrete Curb:  17,903 LF
  • Base Stone:  25,289 TNS
  • Asphalt Paving:  11,759 TNS
  • Offsite Road Improvements:  1,756 LF

Project Spotlight 2:

Rockbridge Sections 2B/2C:

Client:  Beazer Homes

Location:  Loudoun County, VA



Heritage Site Development, Inc. completed the total site development of a 35 acre site serving 60 single family detached lots in Loudoun County for Beazer Homes. This project encompassed all aspects of site development including 25 acres of clearing, infrastructure utilities, two storm ponds, a live stream crossing and work adjacent to an existing pond.  Situated in south central Loudoun County, shallow bed rock would present challenges for the proposed development.  A fast paced construction schedule driven by strong market conditions would play a pivotal role as well.

The Heritage Site Development team has completed numerous rock projects and employs an experienced team of in house experts and qualified subcontractors.  Through careful management of the rock blasting and movement of the excavated material, Heritage Site Development, Inc. was able to meet the owner’s aggressive schedule.  This project also included the grading and paving of the final gravel portion of Braddock Road east of Lenah Road to the Willowsford Project.  This proffered improvement was a critical path project for VDOT and Loudoun County.


Project Snapshot:

Clearing:  25 acres

Mass Earth Work:  154,000 CY

Sanitary Sewer:  7,014 LF

Storm Sewer:  4,398 LF

Water Main: 5,066 LF

Concrete Curb:  7,920 LF

Base Stone:  11,390 TNS

Asphalt Paving:  5,495 TNS

Braddock Road Improvements:  2,515 LF